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Yamaha YPG-535 Review: A Good Choice In 2021?

The Yamaha YPG-535 might be a good entry-level keyboard if you are looking for something and are just a beginner or have very little experience in playing the piano/keyboard.

Let’s get right to it with the official specs first.

Now the keys are not made of high-end material that you can find in more expensive digital pianos (usually ivory tops). Here they are made out of plastic, which is not uncommon for a keyboard in this price range.

For the sound generation, Yamaha uses their so-called AWM stereo sampling, which they have built into many of their keyboards. It helps to enhance the stereo sound that you hear from the speakers.

Of those 500 sounds that are available, there are 9 acoustic piano and 8 electric piano sounds. They sound similar but have some slight differences to suit better the sound you are looking for. You might e.g. need a warmer piano sound for certain songs (maybe an intimate song etc.) and sometimes something brighter sounding (used a lot in pop and rock music). Having so many presets available is great for quick access without the need to customize the sounds first.

Nonetheless, you have options to change the EQ settings, depending on the room you are playing in, you might find it too boomy maybe. In those cases, you can change the sound frequencies and in this example case, lower the low frequencies in volume. If you don’t use a headphone, the sound will come out through the two 6W speakers, that are good enough for normal-sized rooms or slightly larger ones. An external amplifier you would probably only need if you play at a larger venue and there is a lot of other noise going on at the same time. But when it’s quiet, you should be good with just the internal speakers.

Take a look at the keyboard in action:

Let’s have a closer look at the features:

Easy Song Arranger

This is is a wonderful tool for remixing MIDI files. You can play and arrange everything the way you want to if you like. It also allows you to take advantage of the various modes this Yamaha is providing, like the split and layer modes, to modify the sound and make it unique, or just experiment with it.

Personalization of settings

If you are someone who needs to modify the default settings so it fits your style of playing better or if you want to adjust some general settings – the YPG-535 allows you to save your settings so whenever you have someone else playing on the keyboard who might adjust some settings, you can always easily access your setting-profile. This saves you a lot of time as you won’t have to redo the whole setup again. You can save up to 16 different settings.

USB Connection

An available USB connection is always good to have and the YPG-535 is providing you with one. You can quickly transport music back and forth between the computer and the keyboard. But more importantly, if you want to take performing and recording to the next level you can record your music on the computer and access sounds on your computer that is not available on your keyboard. You will also enjoy unlimited options of recording that way.

Yamaha Education Suite

Depending on your current piano skills you might benefit from Yamaha’s Education Suite. It features interactive lessons for students that will monitor your progress at any time. It comes with more than 30 songs you can learn and play along with, and more than 70 that are on the CD. You can also always download more songs for this purpose.


This Yamaha YPG-535 comes with 32 note polyphony, which is actually not a lot. It is certainly enough if you don’t play too complex music. But if you are more advanced in playing the piano and like to play fast pieces, you might want to look for another keyboard or digital piano that offers more polyphony.

Music Database

The keyboard has a huge internal database, and there are options to load your very own songs. You also get the option to customize the songs and also the sounds. By default, it will automatically select the best sound that it finds suitable for the right and left hand.

As already mentioned before, with the USB output, the YPG-535 can be used as a portable (midi) controller to create music using any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation, also known as Sequencer programs, such as Cubase, Garageband, etc.).

This Yamaha has 88 piano keys like most others in the price range. If you are used to the feel of a real piano keep in mind that these keys here are not weighted. If you’re a piano player, you will highly likely notice it as soon as you play. This is not necessarily something bad, it just means, it is not hard to press down a key. For a pianist, it might feel a bit artificial, however.

It is still an overall well-crafted keyboard that will do a great job in almost most cases for anyone who wants to play piano or access a pool of different sounds to play with.


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Summing up The Yamaha YPG-535

The Yamaha YPG-535 is still an excellent choice for a beginner piano.

If the price is slightly out of your range, head over to our article on the best keyboards for under $200.

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