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Ultimate Guide to Buying A Cheap Digital Piano In 2021

If you’re looking for a cheap digital piano, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are an aspiring musician or you just do it for the hobby, every musician, vocalist, or hobbyist should learn to play the piano.

Why? Because it helps you understand music theory.

The piano lays out all the notes, all the keys, right in order, making it easy to understand chords and scales.

Now, it may be a little intimidating for those who are just starting out because you would not want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on a piano too soon.

Don’t worry; there are cheap digital piano models available in the market that are just perfect for your requirements.

The majority of people don’t think of owning an electric piano as ‘affordable.’ We are here to clear this misconception.

You will be surprised to know that the best piano keyboard brands in the market offer affordable pieces as well that are excellent in quality and offer robust features.

To help you with your search for a dependable piano, whether for hobby use, for piano classes, or any other purpose, we have combed the market for the best options that are out there.

This is a completely personalized review where we have tried and tested each product. We hope that you will find it informative. Above all, we have also created a buying guide for choosing the best budget keyboard piano.

Keep on reading to make an informed decision.

Best Cheap Digital Pianos

Novation Launchkey 49-Note USB Keyboard





The first on our list is the electric piano from Novation, which is one of the best piano keyboard brands at the moment. While it is a keyboard controller that requires Ableton Live and a computer, it is a handy instrument to learn and play.

The device needs to be connected to a computer all the time if you want to play it. However, this has benefits too. For starters, we found that the controller has drum pads, knobs, and faders that you can set up for controlling different aspects of the Novation software.

Talking about the software, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. The software itself is highly functional, allowing you to do incredible performances and music numbers utilizing its multiple tracks.


  • Ableton Live Live software allows you to produce and experiment with numerous soundtracks
  • It can be used for both home and studio purposes
  • Incredible control interface
  • USB powered and fully class-compliant
  • Innovative Novation controller for controlling different aspects of the software


  • Doesn’t generate sound without a computer or software
  • Can be difficult to configure


Casio 32-Keys SA-46 Portable Piano




If you are looking for a cheap digital piano that is also functional and effective, then you should look into Casio’s portable keyboard. It is one of our favorites because this piano is quite different from your traditional keyboards. It is also the best budget keyboard piano in the market.

For starters, it is very compact and small, thus, highly popular among beginners, particularly children. It comes with 32 keys, but there is also a 44 keys model available. It comes with 50 play-along tracks and 5 drum pads to cater to your different sound-producing needs.

If you just want to play around and tune your favorite tracks, this model from Casio is a great option. You can come up with your favorite melodies and play them during live shows with this portable piano.


  • There is a headphone output if you are performing live
  • Has 100 tones to play
  • Incredibly portable and lightweight
  • 32 mini keys for hassle-free use
  • Ideal for kids and beginners


  • This is not for you if you are a classically trained pianist
  • Doesn’t have MiDi interface


Casio Casiotone 61-Keys Portable Keyboard





For those who love to play music on the go wherever and whenever this ultra-compact electric piano from Casio would be perfect. There are over 400 great sounding tones pre-installed and about 77 accompaniment rhythms. This is all you need to take your inspiration on the go.

We love its 61 full-size touch-responsive keys accompanied with 10 different types of reverb and a pitch bend wheel for added expression. It comes with an LCD display, which makes it easy to play for both beginners and seasoned pianists.

You will thank Casio for including intuitive controls like My Setup that allows you to recall your favorite settings and sounds quickly. For those who just love to party, the Dance Music mode lets you remix and create EDM tracks. If you are learning to play the piano, this could be an ideal first piano for you.


  • Built-in speakers to share music with friends or plug in the headphone for quiet play
  • Tunes are easy to create. All you need to do is choose a style and trigger the buttons
  • Its library has 60 built-in songs
  • Can be connected to Android/iOS phone
  • USB connectivity included


  • Requires 6 AA batteries to run
  • You cannot record on this


Casio CT-X700 61-Keys Portable keyboard




This is a standalone keyboard from Casio that is priced affordably. CT-X700 is the best digital grand piano you can find on the market right now. You will sound your best playing this piano. From playing grand piano to electric piano, and even vintage phasers, you can play multiple notes using this keyboard.

We recommend it for aspiring musicians and pianists who have just started their journey. It also works for hobbyists who just want to play it for fun during family events or around friends. There are hundreds of built-in rhythms, which makes you band ready. The best part is that these rhythms span the globe.

CT-X700 incorporates a library of 100 built-in songs, or you can even capture your inspiration using its six-track recorder. If you are just starting out, you can use its Step-Up Lesson feature to learn different songs.


  • The keyboard can be connected to any iOS, Android, PC, or Mac device, thanks to the USB-MiDi port
  • Incredible collection of chart-topping songs from across the world
  • Over 600 tones and 195 rhythms to experiment with
  • 61 Touch-sensitive full-size keys
  • Superior quality built-in speakers


  • Not great for performance or recording scenario
  • The LCD display is not up to the mark


Alesis Melody 61 MKII



If you want a more professional-looking piano under budget, this is an ideal product to consider. Alesis is a reputed brand in the world of pianos and other musical instruments. Its 61-key portable keyboard has built-in speakers that can accommodate headphones.

You will find 300 built-in tones to be quite enthralling. And these tones can be operated using layer and split modes. Also, there are an additional 300 built-in rhythms that come with a one-touch song mode. The best part is that you can record your own songs or use the 40 demo songs to create your tunes.

As said, this professional-looking piano comes with an easy to assemble the stand and a bench with three adjustable height settings. You can sit and play your favorite tunes. Moreover, Alesis has also included a microphone for singing while you play the piano.

This isn’t a super cheap digital piano but it is excellent value for money.


  • 300 builtin tones and 300 built-in rhythms
  • Comes with a stand and a bench
  • The record feature allows you to play your own tunes
  • For vocalists, they can use the microphone to practice while playing the piano
  • The 61 keys are incredibly responsive


  • The complete set is a little heavy
  • The stool may not support an adult


Roland GO:KEYS 61-Keys Music Creation Piano



For beginners, who are just starting out, this is a cheap digital piano that is fun and inspiring. It is an easy to use keyboard that allows you to play along with your favorite music. The powerful in-built speakers stream the music wirelessly, giving you and your audience a nice jam.

There are over 500 built-in pro-quality sounds, like brass, bass, strings, synths, and pianos, among other instruments. What we like the most about Roland electric piano is that it can be used for just listening to music as well. You can connect the piano with your smartphone using Bluetooth and play your favorite music from the device or online.

This is a full-size acoustic piano that is compact and lightweight. You will also love its design. With its sleek retro look, it is sure to trigger your inner musician. There is also a Loop Mix function that lets you create songs by applying notes on the keyboard.


  • Bluetooth MiDi support for streaming music from your smartphone or tablet
  • The box-shaped keys deliver good velocity
  • Completely wireless operation since it is battery powered
  • Choose from 500 in-built pro-quality tones
  • The intuitive one-touch control allows you to manipulate the sounds


  • Wireless headphones are not supported
  • The keys are not weighted, which might bug some users


RockJam 54-Keys Portable Electric Piano



RockJam is one of the best piano keyboard brands in the market that manufacturers some of the most affordable pianos. This is a unique electric piano in itself because it is packed with features that no other pianos on this list have. From in-built stereo speakers to teaching modes, piano application, and more, this is a complete package that is quite light on the pocket.

RockJam has its own smartphone application called Simply Piano that gives you access to piano lessons, games, and other curated content. The speakers are installed on either side of the piano for better sound output. If you are a beginner, you can make use of the teaching mode to learn how to play the piano. The LCD displays the chords and keys that need to be played.

There are over 100 different piano sound effects and a plethora of rhythms to find the perfect tune and beat for your music. Adding to its functionality is the sheet music stand that you can use for reading notes while you play.


  • Comes with a mobile application for a better learning experience
  • Can be run on both batteries and a power cord
  • Keynote stickers for hassle-free learning
  • In-built speakers on either side of the piano for even sound distribution
  • Interactive teaching modes included


  • The keys sound weird
  • Sometimes difficult to play all 10 fingers at the same time


Ohuhu Electric Musical Piano



The next in our list is an electric piano that is perfect for beginners and experts both. The Ohuhu Electric Musical Piano provides a musical delight to whoever plays it. From melodies, notes, and rhythms, this piano packs a complete punch.

To start with, Ohuhu has incorporated 300 rhythms, 300 tones, and over 30 demo songs. The library of sound effects is so massive that you can create unlimited compositions and practice to perfection. This is a multifunctional instrument that is easy to use and operate.

The piano supports USB connectivity, allowing you to add more content with ease. You can play any song of your choice on this piano. Simply download your favorite songs and tunes and use a flash drive to access those songs and never run out of inspiration.


  • Three smart teach modes to boost individual playing skills
  • Can be powered via 6 AA batteries or plug in the AC adapter for uninterrupted power supply
  • USB connectivity allows for hassle-free content addition
  • Create unlimited compositions with in-built songs library
  • Large LCD display for easy navigation


  • A little heavy
  • The keys are not weighted


Tencoz Digital Music Piano Keyboard



This is a 61-keys best budget keyboard piano designed for children and their inner musician. It is made of non-toxic plastic, ensuring the safety of the kids and even adults who intend to use it. The primary reason why we included this electric piano on our list is its quality craftsmanship. The smooth edge design makes it a desirable musical instrument for beginners and seasoned pianists.
It has a portable design and only weighs three pounds. So, kids can easily carry it to their music lessons or wherever they go. While it is marketed as a kid’s piano, the functionalities are quite impressive. For starters, there is USB connectivity that has multiple functions. The USB slot can be used to power the keyboard and to transfer files from another device.

The piano incorporates 6 demos, 10 rhythms, and 16 tunes, which is enough for a child to understand the concept of mixing and composition. You can even record and play your own tunes as well.


  • It is an educational toy for kids but beginner pianists can use it
  • Includes free play and a variety of music style
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Incredibly lightweight and solid design
  • Microphone functionality available


  • Music library is limited
  • The keys are a little fragile


Lexington Splicing 88-Keys Intelligent Piano



The last on our list of the best piano brands review is the Lexington Splicing 88-Keys intelligent keyboard that is perfect for novice pianists as well as children who want to master the art of piano playing. What makes it unique from all the products listed in this review is that it has a built-in 2200 mAh rechargeable battery.

This is a lightweight piano that is 23.2 inches long. It has a simple yet elegant design. So, they are perfect for live events, concerts, studio use, and training purposes. One of the unique features of this cheap digital piano is the half-weighted keys. The keys are designed to maintain the right-hand shape and posture. Therefore, you can play the instrument for hours without complaining about straining your wrist.

The manufacturer has incorporated over 128 tones, 128 rhythms, and 15 demos, which are enough to make your own distinct combinations. The best is that you can connect the keyboard to your smartphone, tablet, or even PC.


  • No power cord or battery replacement required – chargeable piano
  • Highly multifunctional with tonnes of music in the songs library
  • The keys are half-weighted, which maintain the correct posture of your hand
  • The 88 keys make it simple and easy to use


  • Some of the tones and rhythms included are just irritating
  • The sound quality is poor


The Ultimate Guide to Buying Cheap Digital Piano

Now that you have an idea about what are the best piano keyboard brands and what models are currently on-trend, we will tell you how we did the research and narrowed down these 10 awesome products.

It can be a little overwhelming for first-time buyers because there are hundreds of electric piano models available. It is easy to get confused and intimidated. To take some pressure off you and help you find the best cheap digital piano, we have prepared a buying guide for you.

In this section, we will be discussing the factors to consider when buying a piano.

Convenience and Portability

When we talk about digital pianos, they are renowned in the market for the convenience they offer and their portability. So, the piano you choose must be light in weight and easy to carry. Some pianos come with their own stand and a bench. You can look into those, but it needs to be convenient and portable; else you will have a difficult time managing the instrument when traveling.


Versatility is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an electric piano. These pianos come with an in-built library of music that contains pre-defined tunes, rhythms, and demos so that the user can take inspiration on what to create. This music library is a must, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist. The in-built music library allows you to learn and experiment with different tones, stimulating the musician in you. Also, the piano you choose should offer both silent and extensive sound sets so that you can practice accordingly. The sound sets include brass, woodwinds, percussion, guitar, piano, and more. Most high-quality pianos come with LCD displays that show everything from volume, the tune that is playing, chords, etc.

Recording Capability

You would want to hear and improve on what you create using different combinations of tunes and rhythms. With a recording feature, this aspect can be achieved. Once you record your music, you can listen to it later. This is a highly important feature because it allows you to review your own performance. So, if you are an aspiring music composer and want to make notes of how you are choosing tones and rhythms, you will need a recording feature.

Teaching and Learning Tools

Today, the majority of best cheap digital piano models come with teaching and learning tools. The best piano keyboard brands have started launching mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. These applications are helpful in teaching novice and beginner musicians and pianists how to get things done. Every brand has now started launching their mobile applications. Some keyboards need to get approval from the computer before you can access its library.


Connectivity is vital for a digital piano because, without connectivity, you cannot connect the piano to the computer to access its music library and teaching modules. The majority of electric pianos use MiDi Bluetooth for connectivity. This allows the user to connect the piano to a smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Your Experience and Skill

Before you go on and buy an electric piano, you need first analyze your skills so that you can buy a product that’s worth your money and delivers value.

Final Words

That is, this is our complete review of the best cheap digital piano in the market. We hope that you find this article helpful and informative.

Please note that the products mentioned in this article are after thorough research and usage. So, we can say that these are currently the cheapest digital pianos in the market that have high functionality and features.

You can go through each of the products and decide which one’s great.

If budget is still an issue check out our post on the Best Keyboards Under $200.

On the other hand, if budget isn’t an issue check out the best digital pianos and keyboards for beginners here.

Overall, if you have any queries or concerns about the products reviewed or the buying guide, feel free to ask; we are here to help.

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