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10 Best MIDI Keyboards for Logic Reviewed

Logic is awesome.

Created by Apple, it gives music producers and enthusiasts a productive music software for their musical creations. close up of hands playing midi keyboards

What makes it more interesting is that the software caters to the needs of both beginners and experts alike.

So, adding the best MIDI keyboards for Logic can expand your range of music creation, allowing you to experience a studio-like feel right in your own home.

Now, one can easily get intimidated by the sheer amount of MIDI controllers available in the market. Choosing the best from a plethora of options is like finding a needle in a haystack. But don’t worry; we have got you covered.

After thorough research, we are able to compile a list of 10 best MIDI keyboards for Logic. We have reviewed each model individually to give you an idea of what an ideal MIDI controller should incorporate.

So, go through our review to see if there are any controllers that interest you.

Let’s jump right into it.

Korg TRTK49 USB MIDI Controller

The first on our list of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic is the Korg MIDI controller with TRITON Engine. It is a powerful MIDI controller that comes with some additional features that your standard MIDI controllers for Logic doesn’t boast.

To start with, the keyboard comes with Korg’s legendary TRITON Engine that incorporates 512 program sounds, a full assortment of assignable controls, complete transport control, and a built-in KAOSS pad for phrase generation or control change.

This is all you need to create your entire recording studio right in your home.

For an enhanced feel, Korg has also incorporated a semi-weighted keyboard. Many pianists and hobbyists agree on the fact that semi-weighted keys are perfect because they give the right feel of control. The best part about this product is that it is a full-on MIDI controller equipped with stage piano functionality. The sound it generates is music to the ears.

Overall, this MIDI controller for Logic represents a great concept. And this makes it perfect for everyone, including beginners and hobbyists.

Akai Professional MPK249 Semi-Weighted MIDI Controller

If you are just starting out and looking for a decent MIDI controller for Logic, take out some time to look into this beautiful machine from Akai Professional. For many pianists, this is one of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic.

This model features 49 velocity sensitive, semi-weighted full-size keys that are incorporated in a premium piano-style bed. Most importantly, there are 16 RGB MPC-style illuminated pads that come with 4 banks. These pads are ideal for triggering loops, samples, melodies, one shots, and more.

Moreover, the Akai Professional MIDI keyboard has 24 Q-Link assignable controllers that comprise switches, faders, and control knobs for hassle-free control and mapping.

We love the fact that the brand has incorporated the controller with five-pin MIDI input/output and MPC mainstay controls that are enough for making your home a studio. These controls include Time Division, Tap Tempo, MPC Full Level, arpeggiator, and MPC Note Repeat.

You will love this controller for the features and controls it offers, and that too under a decent price range. In short, the feel and functionality of this controller are just awesome.

Akai Professional MAX25 25-Key MIDI Controller

This is a high-end MIDI controller for Logic that comes with 25 semi-weighted keys with an aftertouch feature. It is an ideal MIDI controller for Logic users who don’t have much space in their studio or home.

Moreover, Akai Professional has included four LED touch faders for a hands-on expression that gives you an optimum keyboard playing experience. To complement these features, there are eight MPC pads that come with an MPC Note Repeat, and to provide an amazing workflow, there is an MPC Swing.

The package also includes the AkaiConnect software for automatically mapping to VST instruments and plug-ins. In short, you get to create your own mini studio at home.

We love that the manufacturer has incorporated four pad banks along with four fader banks, making it a total of 64 assignable pads, buttons, and faders. Also, there is an expanded arpeggiator and a built-in step sequencer for studio-style feel and music-making.

Overall, this can be considered as one of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic that is portable, sturdy, intuitive, and responsive.

Midiplus AKM320 32-Key MIDI Controller

If you are looking for a cheaper option just to get things started or for children who are starting their keyboard playing journey, this could be an interesting buy.

This is a 32-key, mid-size velocity-sensitive MIDI controller that comes with a few controllers like transpose buttons, octave button, a modulation wheel, and a pitch wheel to get you going.

They are ideal for performing basic functions and are quite easy to understand.

This is why we recommend it for beginners who are new in this field.

What makes this one of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic is its interface design. It is simple and clear, with its body being thin and light.

The best part is that the MIDI controller doesn’t occupy much space, making it convenient to carry out for music creation or performance. There is a USB MIDI output for direct plug and play. There is no need to install drivers – just plug and play.

Overall, it is reasonably priced, probably the cheapest product on this list. You should try it if you are not looking for anything fancy.

Alesis V49 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

This is a professional grade MIDI controller for those who want a complete studio experience from the comfort of their home. And the best part is that this MIDI controller from Alesis is not at all heavy on the pocket while offering all the necessary and basic functionalities.

For starters, it comes with 49 velocity sensitive, full-sized, square-front keys that are perfect for playing virtual instruments, giving you a studio feel. What’s interesting is the pressure-sensitive backlit pads that are ideal for clip launching and beat production.

We like the fact that Alesis has included its premium software with the controller that allows for easy operation. The set of software included are Xpand 2 and DB-33 and virtual instrument software by Air Music Tech, Ableton Live Lite 9 and Eleven Lite, First Alesis Edition, and ProTools.

The inclusion of such software is what makes Alesis V49 one of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic.

Talking about the keyboard’s controls, there are 4 assignable knobs along with 4 assignable buttons for your music software. You get seamless, visual feedback through the illuminated knobs and buttons.

M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio has brought you the 32 keys MIDI keyboard controller for your Logic. It warrants professional music creation and production, whether you are at the studio or at home.

It has a slimline footprint and a velocity sensitive, piano-style keys for a natural feel. The responsive mini keys are highly customizable for different playing styles, including synth, traditional piano, pitch bend, key-based beat making, and more.

Above all, you will get a studio-like feel at home with this MIDI controller and that too at a reasonable price.

While there are many best MIDI keyboards for Logic, you will not find anything like this because it is not only under the budget for most, but it packs some top-notch features that allow you to use it for professional purposes as well.

With a simple plug and play connection, you can connect the keyboard to your Mac, and no power supply is needed. For an extended keyboard range, M-Audio has included Octave buttons to deliver smooth control and expressive capabilities.

Last but not least, there is a premium software suite included with the MIDI controller, which consists of AIR Music Tech Xpand 2 multitimbral synthesizer, First M Audio Edition recording software, and Pro Tools.

M-Audio Oxygen 49 IV MIDI Controller

Those looking for a full consignment of production and performance-ready controls, this MIDI controller from M-Audio is a must-have. M-Audio is renowned for making quality instruments, and the Oxygen 49 IV is no different.

We love the features and functionalities included in this model. While ultra-portable, this MIDI controller has 49 full size, velocity sensitive, and synth action keys coupled with modulation wheels and an onboard pitch bend. All this allows you to produce music of any level or even perform live.

There are 8 velocity sensitive activation pads for launching clips and producing beats. Moreover, the manufacturer has incorporated 9 assignable faders and 8 assignable knobs to manipulate virtual instruments.

Our favorite is the LCD screen that provides instant parameter feedback. And the dedicated Octave buttons let you control the keyboard to the full melodic range.

Further, M-Audio has installed transport buttons to allow the user to control the draw without needing to reach for the mouse or trackpad.

There’s a comprehensive production software package included for Mac that is worth $100. The software includes Air Music Tech Xpand 2, Sonivox Twist, and Ableton Live Lite. All this makes Oxygen 49 one of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic.

Nektar Impact LX25+ MIDI Controller

If you have always wanted an incredibly portable MIDI controller for Logic that delivers premium features and functionalities, then the Impact LX25+ MIDI controller from Nektar might interest you. It comes with 25 expressive synth-action, velocity sensitive keys along with modulation, and onboard pitch bend wheels for creation and performances.

That means the keyboard lets you choose among four velocity curves that are there for different playing styles. With that said, from hard and soft touch to expressive and dynamic play, this is one of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic that is calibrated for all styles of music.

What impressed us is its powerful control center that features programmable real-time controls. Each control onboard is completely programmable that can send unique MIDI messages and store those messages in any of the five user presets.

The best part is there are pads for grooves and beats. These pads are dynamic and sensitive and ideally perfect for finger drumming. With its ‘Pad Learn’ feature, you can assign MIDI notes or sounds to the pads and play the notes whenever you want.

Finally, there are different control options in its interface that includes Transport and Navigation, Mixer Control, and Instrument Control, giving users a studio-like experience at home.

Novation Impulse 49 MIDI USB Controller

The next product on our list of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic is the Impulse 49-key MIDI USB controller from Novation. This keyboard for Logic is a choice of a professional because it comes with an ultra-responsive semi-weighted keyboard that incorporates aftertouch functionality.

This is all you need to produce a studio-like sound from the comfort of your home. What we like the most about this MIDI controller is its full plug-in/DAW control surface feature with 9 faders, 8 knobs, and buttons.

Novation has also incorporated an automap 4 control software that enables instant hands-on access to your plug-ins and DAW. Moreover, the multi-function drum pads allow you to launch clips in Ableton Live, roll beats, and warp arpeggios.

Also, a comprehensive software suite is available for download, which includes a Loopmasters Sample Pack, XLN Audio Addictive Keys, Novation’s Bass Station synth, and Ableton Live Lite.

Novation has made the Impluse MIDI controller available in three different variants – 25 keys, 49 keys, and 61 keys. You also get the option to purchase the keyboard with its case.

Donner DMK 25 Key MIDI Controller

The last on our list of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic is the Donner DMK 25 Key MIDI Controller that is one of the latest releases in the market. It has an ultra-thin design, making it compact and incredibly portable.

This USB-powered controller has 25 mini MIDI keys that are velocity sensitive. So, you can use it for virtual synthesizer control, studio production, and beat making.

What’s unique about this model is the Air Touch Bar that lets you access the complete MIDI keyboard range for delivering expressive, creative control.

There are 8 hyper-sensitive backlit pads for producing drum beats. This also includes a Bitwig 8-Track DAW for playing various instruments. With that said, this MIDI controller from Donner works with all major music production equipment.

Thanks to its transport and navigation control, you can manage and navigate your projects with ease. You can use the 6 transport buttons for controlling, cycling, rewinding, forwarding, stopping, playing, and recording.

Lastly, Donner has incorporated 4 programmable memory banks and presets for instant recall of personal control preferences. It offers 4 assignable sliders and 4 assignable knobs with the music software.

Best MIDI Keyboards for Logic: Buying Guide

While the 10 products we have reviewed are great in their own way, you are free to do your own research. Looking for the right MIDI controller requires you to focus on some important factors. That is, there are some features that you need to consider when choosing a MIDI controller for your Logic.

Here is what you need to know.

Number of Keys: First and foremost, you need to determine how many keys you want in your MIDI controller. MIDI controllers come in as low as 25 keys and as high as 88 keys. Based on your requirements and use, decide the number of keys you would like to have in your MIDI keyboard.

Key Features: Another aspect is the key features, which are probably the most important of all. From the type of sound you want to the type of pads, LCD display, controller and navigation, and more, you will have to decide what features will suit your endeavor.

More features mean high-end products. You are advised to look into the buttons, knobs, and faders before making a purchase decision.

Weight and Dimension: Do you want a portable MIDI controller or a regular-sized one? Depending on how you are going to use your MIDI controller, choose the weight and dimension. There are both portable and bulky controllers available in the market.


That’s it!

These are some of the best MIDI keyboards for Logic at the moment. But, don’t just limit yourself to these 10 products. You can do your own research and compare your products with the products we have mentioned.

This will help you in making an informed decision. Overall, the products we have discussed and reviewed are worth every penny spent. There is a model for every user, so it will be easy for you to choose.

Overall, this was our personal review. So, if you have any queries or concerns regarding the products reviewed or the buying guide, feel free to contact us.

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