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Best Keyboard Under $200 For Beginners [UPDATED 2021]

Are you looking for a new keyboard and wondering what is the best keyboard under $200?

Our pick is the Vangoa VGD881. This is an excellent all-round keyboard and will be the best option for beginners.

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Best Keyboards Under $200


Best Overall – Vangoa VGD881

With 88 keys, this is an excellent beginners keyboard




The first thing that stands out with the Vangoa is that it comes with 88 keys!

This is a huge plus when compared to most other keyboards in this price range as most only have 61 keys.

The advantage is that you can play higher and lower notes as well without the need to hit a ‘transpose’ button for the keyboard to switch the range.

The keys are all touch-sensitive, so the harder you hit a key the louder it will sound.

Touch sensitivity is a function that most keyboards are equipped with. You should never buy one that does not come with touch-sensitivity!

Onboard the VGD881 are 128 different sounds, like piano, organ, electric piano, 128 rhythms, and more than 20 songs that you can playback and learn or simply play along with.

Another strong point for this keyboard is that it has a wireless connector that allows you to pair your keyboard wirelessly with your computer or phone in order to access piano learning apps.

You can also use its USB output to connect the keyboard to your computer and record music straight into the sequencer software.

The Vangoa VGD881 is portable as it comes with its own bag that also gives enough room for the sustain pedal, that comes with it, and also the power cord.

Inside is a rechargeable battery that allows you to play up to 12 hours after charging it without any need for a power cord.


Best Entry Level – Casio LK-S250

With over 400 sounds, 77 rhythms and 60 songs, this is a great entry level keyboard




The LK-S250 comes from Casio, one of the best-known brands in the world that also manufactures keyboards, mostly entry-level ones, like this.

This keyboard comes with 61 keys. This is common for keyboards in this price range.

The Casio LK-S250 has its strengths elsewhere, like the functions:

It comes with a catalog of 400 sounds!

Additionally, you get provided with 77 rhythms and 60 songs to choose from. These can help to practice your own playing and rhythmical skills as you play along with them.

The built-in lighting system for the keys is another brilliant feature that helps learners to play along with the onboard songs.

Another great tool for learners is the free Chordana App for iOS and Android.

One of the functions is also the “Dance Music Mode”. Here you can mix and write your own EDM music. The keys trigger things like drums and bass lines.

This keyboard might be the most portable of all for two reasons:

  • It can operate with 6 x AA batteries
  • There is a handle where you can easily grab the keyboard and carry it with you just like a bag.

So to sum it up, The Casio LK-S250 is the best in terms of portability plus offering a huge selection of sounds.


Budget Option – Casio CTK-3500

This keyboard comes with a USB port so you can connect to your computer as record as much as you like.




The CTK-3500 is another Casio Keyboard on our list that also comes with 61 keys on board.

Besides its 400 sounds to choose from, it comes with more than 150 different rhythms that you can play with when building your own tracks.

Unlike the LK-S250, the CTK-3500 does not have a handle on the side. So if you want to travel with it, you’ll need to buy a bag.

It does however come equipped with a USB port, so you can connect it to your computer and record and play as much as you like.

For beginners, there are also options to practice on your skills as it comes with the same functions as the above mentioned Casio. So can you connect it to the Chordana app and learn-by-doing.

This keyboard does not come with a sustain pedal. If you want to practice legato then you will need to buy a sustain pedal.

To conclude, the slightly cheaper price of the Casio CTK-3500 justifies missing things like a bag, or handle, or a sustain pedal.


Budget Package Option – RIF6

This keyboard comes with a stand, foldable stool and headphones, making it a great overall package




The RIF6 stands out for the great overall package: It comes with a complete set of accessories: A stand, a foldable stool, and headphones.

With its 61 keys, you can play more than 300 different sounds and another 300 different rhythms. Besides that, you can listen to and play along with 50 pre-installed songs.

With the built-in microphone, you can also record your own voice when writing songs and recording the music for it.

The RIF6 does not have a sustain pedal input, so if you prefer playing the piano with it, the RIF6 might not be the best fit for you.

Overall we like that it’s very portable due to its lightweight. It also doesn’t take much room and can easily put aside together with the folded stand and stool.

We think the RIF6 qualifies for a very good beginner’s keyboard for students that just start learning to play the piano.


Budget Keyboard – Yamaha YTP260

With lightweight keys, this keyboard is perfect for beginners



The YPT260 is an entry-level keyboard, no doubt about it. But it does provide some really cool features for its price. That’s why we think it deserved a spot on the list of the top 10 Best Keyboards under $200 in 2020.

First of all, there is a 9-step lesson function included (by Yamaha’s “Education Suite”). Furthermore, you have the option to download a free songbook upon purchase.

The included sheet music rest can be attached to the keyboard, so whenever you have a book or just sheet music paper, you can put it on the note rest to easily read from it when playing.

The keys are not weighted which is perfect for beginners. Lightweight keys mean you will not suffer fatigue from long periods of playing. More experienced players or those who are used to playing the piano might not like it.

The YPT260 comes with more than 400 installed sounds and also more than 130 accompaniments. So no matter what style and what instrument you are intending to play, rest assured, that you are covered!

Also on board are 112 songs, ranging from classical to more modern, pop songs, ready to be learned.

You don’t need to hook up the keyboard to your computer if you want to record a song, you can do that right into the keyboard.

Because it is a fairly cheap entry-level keyboard, the Yamaha YPT260 only comes with a power supply.

No sustain pedal, stool, or stand is included in the price.


Best Value For Money – Moukey MEK-200

This keyboard is best value for money with stool, keyboard stand, headphones and microphone




This Moukey stands out as a candidate for “best value for money” keyboard: In the bundle included is beside the keyboard also a stool (bench), a keyboard stand, headphones, and a microphone!

The bench and the Z-shaped keyboard stand are of good and durable material. The bench for instance is specially padded and thickened with durable and soft inner materials. It makes prolonged sitting on the bench a lot more comfortable than using a regular chair.

This is an incredible deal for a relatively cheap price!

With the 61 keys, you can play more than 300 songs, 300 rhythms, and 50 demo songs that are installed on the MEK-200.

It also allows you to program your own rhythms and drums.

With the sustain and vibrato functions you can experiment with the sounds you play with or use them to make it more authentic. String instrument sounds for example often use a lot of vibrato in emotional music.

Some of the other functions are transposing and pitch bend. Pitch bend is used a lot in brass instruments and guitars.

For the singers among you, there is a built-in microphone and also an audio input.

If you don’t want to disturb anyone around you, you can always put on your headphones and play and practice without disturbing anyone.

Overall, the Moukey MEK-200 bundle is great for the price. Especially for someone who is just starting with making music!


Best Quality – Yamaha PSR-E360

The touch sensitive keys allow for a fantastic playing experience


yamaha psre360 on white background



This keyboard is of higher quality than the ones we reviewed before.

The walnut wooden finish adds to the overall playing experience by looking less like a plastic keyboard and more like a real piano.

It’s also available in a ‘maple’ looking finish which gives the keyboard a more retro look.

61 touch-sensitive keys are onboard that allow you to choose from 384 sounds, 130 accompaniments, and 16 drum kits. As with all Yamaha keyboards, the PSRE360 also comes with the 9-step lesson Education Suite for beginners.

As one of the few keyboards in this price range, the Yamaha PSRE360 also has a so-called duo mode that splits the keyboard into two equal sections with the same note range.

A unique thing is also the audio input. It allows you to connect your phone or another audio playback device to connect to the keyboard and play the music through the keyboard’s internal speakers. Additionally, you will be able to play along with the music, choosing any instrument or other sound from the keyboard to play with.

In the Yamaha PSRE360 bundle, there is also a power supply and the music rest. You are not dependent on the power supply though, as you can also use AA batteries.


Best For Piano Experience – Zeny 88

With black wooden finish and long keys, this keyboard has a clear emphasis on piano playing




We love the Zeny!

It puts a clear emphasis on the piano playing experience with its black wooden finish, the long keys (semi-weighted though, not fully weighted), the beautiful red strip that is placed between the keys and the case, just like Yamaha does it with their acoustic upright and grand pianos.

You also don’t get distracted by many buttons or LCD displays as all the buttons are on the left side, leaving the rest of the keyboard clean.

On-board is a 20W speaker system that is good enough for all your needs. In case you want it even louder, it has an output to connect it to an amp or any other kind of external speaker.

As it puts an emphasis on playing the piano resp. keys, it only comes with 5 sounds:

  • Acoustic Piano,
  • Electric Piano,
  • Organ,
  • Synth, and
  • Bass.

So you get quality sound for each of these instruments. You also get demo songs that are pre-installed on the keyboard. And, as a bonus, the display on your left shows the chords you need to play so you can play along.

In the bundle you also get a sheet music rest and a sustain pedal. The sustain pedal looks similar to a real piano’s pedal, not the cheap plastic ones that one could usually expect for keyboards under $200.

In conclusion, if you don’t need hundreds of sounds of various instruments but want to focus on playing the piano, we definitively recommend this keyboard!

The Zeny 88 is perfect for both the absolute beginner and also people who have some little experience.


Full Sized Keys – RockJam RJ761

This keyboard comes with full sized keys which is perfect for a realistic piano feel




The RJ761 comes with full-sized keys, which is great! Cheap keyboards sometimes have smaller keys which can make it harder to play common piano music. Also for people with longer fingers, this is good.

The 61 keys are pretty standard and will enable you to play most pieces resp. songs that fall within this range of notes. For more advanced players would do recommend one of the 88 key keyboards, though.

Packed with 200 sounds and 200 rhythms, there is more than enough to play with. And as always, you can play along with the 30 demo songs that are pre-installed.

The RJ761 allows you to use either the included power supply or batteries. Having the option to choose batteries is always good in case you want to play at places where there is no power outlet.

Although it comes for a fairly cheap price, the bundle includes also a bench, a keyboard stand, a sustain pedal, and even a headphone! This is not a given for keyboards in this price range, so you save a lot of money having these items included rather than having to buy them separately.

In conclusion, this RockJam RJ761 keyboard has a lot of value for its money and is a good beginner’s keyboard for people who are still very new to the world of music but want to get straight into music making!


Weighted Keys – Mustar 61

With weighted keys, this keyboard is a great option for budget conscious experienced players




The Mustar 61 rounds out our post on the top 10 Best Keyboards under $200 in 2020.

This one actually has a lot in common with the above reviewed Rockjam keyboard. It comes with 200 sounds and rhythms and also 20 demo songs.

What we like about the Mustar 61 is that it has weighted keys. This is extremely rare for keyboards under 200 dollars.

Weighted keys help the player to experience the keys like keys from a real piano, where you also have weighted keys. Hence, it’s really nice to have it on a keyboard.

For absolute beginners, however, semi-weighted or even light-weighted keys will also do the job because beginners usually are still spending a lot of time to just play the right notes.

How it feels to play the keys is something to think about later in the process.

The double metal grill speakers deliver good sound, but you can also plug in headphones if you like. Headphones are included in the bundle, however if you’re wanting a better quality set, check out our Best Headphones for Digital Piano post.

You also get a keyboard stand, a bench and a microphone included in the package. The microphone is obviously meant for the future singer-songwriter stars!

The audio input of the keyboard allows you to connect your own music playback device to the keyboard and listen to the music that way.

The ‘timber split’ button divides the Mustar 61 into two parts. This enables you to play even harder songs with another person, with 4 hands.

We think that is a very cool function to have included in this keyboard!



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