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Best Budget Keyboard Piano: Make Way For The Top-Notch Selection

There’s nothing like the resonant, warm tones of an acoustic piano. The authentic voice gets combined well with the control, which makes the acoustic piano a perfect addition to the wish list for the piano players. However, everything that otherwise makes a classic piano so desirable comes with a hefty rate.

In case you have come across any upright or grand piano which seems out of your range, there is nothing to worry about. There are some of the affordable keyboard pianos available in the market, which will not just get the job done but will also sound pretty amazing, to say the least.

Currently, the market houses multiple options under keyboard piano, making it all the more difficult to make one choice. However, with a little bit of research from your side, you can end up making a perfect choice. Let’s go through this guide first, and in the end, you will come across the top-notch keyboard piano, perfect for not just beginners but for experienced players as well.

You have the Korg B2 88 key digital piano in the market, which is of the top-notch pick for the best budget keyboard piano. This is one full-sized keyboard, which will be combining premium quality engineering and promising sonic voicing, making it great for veterans and beginners. However, this B2 is not just the option while looking for quality keyboards within a lower price point. There are some other added keyboards which will serve you a great result. So, let’s catch up with those options as well, in detail.

Korg B288-key piano:

In case you are associated with the digital piano world, then Korg is always the famous brand to look into. It comes with a weighted keyboard and stage pianos, which are used otherwise by professional musicians in multiple genres. This piano is here to condense the signature build quality of Korg into one affordable range.

In case you are on the lookout for cheaper keyboard piano known for delivering comfortable action and resonant sounds, then B2 is always a good call to make. It comes handy with 12 different effects and 12 sounds, which will include 5 acoustic pianos.

Moreover, the Italian and German grand pianos are here to offer finesse and power. On the other hand, you have the electric piano of the keyboard, along with string settings, organ, and harpsichord, which are great for changing the pace a bit more.

B2 is noted to use the natural weighted hammer of Korg, which comes with a full range of 88 keys. The lower range of this best-budget keyboard piano seems to be heavier than the treble keys. The action further gets supple for the maximum articulation. If you are currently used to the feel of that acoustic piano, then this is one affordable substitution to go for.

Now for the playback and recording scenario, B2 from Korg provides a MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface port through USB. This connector is here to link up the keyboard piano to the audio interface or computer. You can furthermore use the keyboard as one MIDI controller, or you get the chance to play multiple instruments from the DAW or Digital Audio Workstation.


  • Comprises of MIDI port through USB
  • Can connect the keyboard piano to audio interface or computer
  • It used a natural weighted hammer keyboard with 88-key in full range
  • It consists of 12 sounds and 12 different effects along with 5 acoustic piano


  • Available with a naturally weighted hammer to give this keyboard a classic piano feel
  • Using MIDI port onboard to synchronize the piano to files or even track records


  • It Will not run on batteries, so you are forced to find one outlet to play
  • Quite expensive than most of the cheap keyboard pianos available lately


Yamaha P121 73-Key Weighted Digital Piano Keyboard

Yamaha is noted for its sterling reputation in the field of a digital piano. In case you are planning to harness tone and the dynamics of the Yamaha piano in some reasonable package, then this P121 is one primary choice to consider. It comes handy with 73 keys with some built-in resonant speakers and that lifelike and smooth response.

This model will use a graded hammer based standard keyboard. Unlike much of the other cheaper versions of keyboard piano, these keys will actually add genuine wooden hammers for giving you out those acoustic piano feels to it. Moreover, if you want, you get the chance to adjust the touch sensitivity between four of the settings for gaining that perfect weight.

The Pure CF Sound Engine is one added form to address, which will power the acoustic section with some samples from Bösendorfer and Yamaha concert based grand pianos. Overall, they will offer that amazing balance of depth, power, and articulation you expect to get from the best budget keyboard piano.

Apart from those grand piano sounds, this model has 24 onboard voices for those electric pianos, upright pianos, and all manners of woodwind, brass, and string instruments too. With the help of damper resonance, 192-note polyphony onboard, and reverb, you can always be sure that the piano gets to sound natural completely and in any form of situation.


  • Comes with damper resonance, 192-note polyphony onboard, and reverb
  • It has 73 keys with some built-in resonant speakers
  • Graded hammer based standard keyboard
  • Adjust the touch sensitivity between four of the settings for gaining that perfect weight


  • 73-key keyboard to offer more range and depth with supple and dynamic response
  • Provides a good form of digital recreations of the current real pianos


  • Some feel the piano keys to be a bit dull when compared to some of the top-line products
  • The large weight and size makes it tougher to carry around


Casio CTK3500 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Those beginners, who are now focusing on a tight budget, should always opt for that durable keyboard, which will not just feel realistic but also sound the same. For those, this Casio CTK3500 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano is one best budget keyboard piano to head towards. It comes with two different sensitivity levels, with multiple onboard tones and rhythms. So, now you get the chance to start playing without spending even a large sum of money for it.

The core of that keyboard piano will actually lie in the sound engine. It comprises 400 different sounds, which can range from acoustic to the strings, electric piano to brass, and so much more. The classic form of piano tones will be dynamic and smooth and without loads of boxy or tinny sounds, which are common on all the cheaper versions of keyboard pianos.

In the same manner, the response remains one step above most of the other competitors within the same range. The keys will here feature two-variable sensitivity settings. So, you get the chance to adjust the resistance to your liking. Each one of these levels is light for the beginners to get utterly comfortable and also to provide traditional piano action.

Much like the sounds, the keyboard piano will have 100 rhythms, one headphone outlet, and 60 in-built songs. So, now you get to play the song in a full band. For creating some of your own tunes, you can link this keyboard piano to a computer or even your audio interface with USB connectivity.


  • Comprises of 100 rhythms, one headphone outlet, and 60 in-built songs
  • You can link this keyboard piano to a computer or audio interface with USB connectivity
  • Keys will feature two-variable sensitivity settings
  • Piano tones will be dynamic and smooth and without loads of boxy or tinny sounds


  • Comes packed up with 400 different sounds for playing a variety of music
  • Has rhythm tracks and onboard songs to sharpen your improvisation and jamming sessions


  • Only has 48-note polyphony, which might cause the notes to drop out with sustain pedal
  • Some might report touch sensitivity settings, which won’t provide enough weight


Casio CTX700 61-Key Digital Keyboard Piano

This particular model under the name of CTX700 will offer some of the amazing features than any of the bargain keyboards and still remain within the budget-friendly note. This model will run with over 600 onboard sounds. So, you will always have the unique voicing right under the given fingers. Even though it is available at affordable rates, this keyboard will include the AiX Sound Source. This technology is now available on some of the higher-end Casio keyboards and will get to recreate tones of vintage concert grand piano. It offers greater fidelity and warmth.

This 61-key model will offer one dynamic expression than the cheaper models, even though it leaves a bit to be proficiently desired. In case you are looking for touch-sensitive keys, then you may have to watch for some higher-end models from Roland, Yamaha, or Casio.

The front console features some clear illustrations for every possible key and menu. So, it means you are well-aware of the ways to use the keyboard all the time. Then you have an onboard USB MIDI port, which remains perfect for home recording and then playing songs.


  • Great for home recording and to play songs
  • The front console features some clear illustrations
  • It runs with over 600 onboard sounds
  • The keyboard will include the AiX Sound Source
  • 61-key model with one dynamic expression


  • The onboard USB MIDI port will be easier to record through DAW
  • Comprises of heat front console to adjust your home on stage or even in the studio within few seconds


  • Semi-weighted keys are not able to offer the best feel of the acoustic piano keyboard
  • Some alternatives offer realistic action and more features


Roland GO: KEYS 61-Key Digital Piano Keyboard

The stage pianos from Roland are some of the popular ones. However, this Japanese company is not just known for making pricy keyboard pianos. Nowadays, you will find the cheaper and best budget keyboard piano from the same source. The new GO: KEYS model is the new one, which is budget-friendly and will be combining the best features of the stage instruments with a durable and versatile frame for playing the piano anywhere.

This product will offer over 500 sounds along with matching effects onboard. The acoustic-based piano sound is stated to be luscious and resonant. While searching more about this keyboard, you will find doses of other voices onboard as well. It will range from the strings and brass to the drums and more. You will further get bass and off-the-wall synths too.

The keyboard comprises 61 full-sized keys and with 3 different levels of touch sensitivity. Moreover, you will feel the “ivory feel” mechanism of Roland from this keyboard as well. There are 10 different onboard pads, which are noted to be another unique feature to consider.

You can use these pads for bending pitches and adding some extra effects to basic sound for that quicker accent right in the middle of any tune. You can further include the song mode, which will let you track around 8 parts right on top of one another.


  • It comprises 10 different onboard pads for bending pitches and adding some extra effects
  • Provides over 500 sounds along with matching effects onboard
  • You will find doses of other voices onboard
  • 61 full-sized keys and with 3 different levels of touch sensitivity
  • The “ivory feel” mechanism of Roland


  • 61 keys for offering genuine ivory touch with 3 sensitivity levels for adjusting as per your taste
  • Multiple sounds and effects right on board with the best digital synth pads within the price bracket


  • 88-key models for offering the extra range in bass and treble
  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity like the high-end models to play a song from a phone or computer


Casio CT-S200 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Even though most of the expensive keyboards in here offer some amazing features, most players will need one streamlined basic keyboard piano just to get started with! With so many tones, the portable frame, and USB MIDI Connectivity, this best budget keyboard piano is a competitive option that you can easily give a try.

Known to be made available in an extremely budget friend point, this keyboard will include around 400 onboard tones along with some of the best backing tracks. The built-in speakers will actually sound a lot balanced and clear. They are not likely to emphasize the basses or trebles and will offer that smoother character in the end.

On the other hand, this particular keyboard piano might sound a bit boxy when you turn on the volume. In case you are willing to play over any other form of noise, then you have to augment the same with one external speaker. The available keys won’t offer touch sensitivity. It means you will have a lesser touch response than any of the acoustic piano.

If you ever make plans to take the keyboard out of your house, you can do that as this piano runs on batteries as well. For that, you will need 6 AA batteries. With the weight being just 3.3kg, it is not that hard to grab this piano and move around with it.


  • Runs on 6 AA batteries, so easier to carry around
  • 400 onboard tones along with some of the best backing tracks
  • One of the best budget-friendly options for digital keyboards
  • Comprises of built-in speakers as well


  • Multiple tones and backing tracks for playing out basic songs
  • It will weigh just 3.3kg, making it easier to carry everywhere


  • Without any damper pedal or sustain pedal
  • It does not have dynamic action or touch-sensitive keys to resemble a real piano feel


Yamaha PSR-E273 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Another interesting find while looking for the best budget keyboard piano got to be the Yamaha PSR-E273 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano. It is one of the latest entries in the renowned PSR line of the Yamaha. For the younger players and smaller kids, this keyboard remains to be a dynamic option that will work well when compared to the price range.

With hundreds of voices and 61 keys, this piano will present you with enough depth for playing at all possible skill levels. The sound will cover multiple pianos and some other instruments, which will come in handy with backing effects and tracks. If you want, you can further switch to the dance music mode, which will help you to play some DJ songs.

In most of the scenes out there, the onboard speakers will offer you the fine job as expected. The main goal is to amplify the resonant and loud piano sound. But, when it comes to higher volumes, they will lose some natural and depth feel, which is vital for keeping in mind in case you are planning to play with some other musicians in the future.

For the players, who are learning to play, the accompaniment feature of the keyboard will be one unique torch. In case you plan to hold down one note or two, the keyboard gets to fill out entire chords for playing down a passage. It will help the beginners to learn what sounds perfect on the piano and how all the different notes get to fit perfectly into one cohesive musical piece!


  • Latest entries in the renowned PSR line and perfect for younger players or little kids
  • Comes with hundreds of voices and 61 keys for all possible skill sets
  • It has multiple backing effects and tracks from dance music to DJ songs
  • Onboard speakers will offer you the fine job


  • Cohesive accompaniment based function for covering dynamic and smooth progressions over just one note
  • Quite durable and tailor-made to sound amazing with the younger students and players


  • Provides semi-weighted keys other than the fully weighted ones
  • Users are likely to report onboard headphone output and won’t get connected to keyboards well


Yamaha PSR-E463 61-Key Portable Keyboard Piano

Defined as one flagship model within the PSR series from Yamaha, this model will present a step up from the cheap keyboard lineup of the company. In case you are aiming for the best budget-friendly keyboard piano that comes with better-weighted action and some quality sounds, then this E463 model is worth the wait.

It is one best budget keyboard piano available with the XG Lite voice library. It helps to store more than 750 voices for fuelling up the creativity level as you start to play. Moreover, you will receive 235 auto-accompaniment styles along with quick sampling technology. It helps you to capture the external sounds and then assign the same to keys within real-time.

The keys will offer four different sensitivity levels for adjusting the action as per your liking. These options will come pretty handy to play with multiple instruments voicing, and tweaking dynamics for that better articulation. For making the recording and sampling easier, the keyboard will include USB MIDI and auxiliary inputs. You even get the chance to record and then play tones through DAW or just play along with the MIDI voice from the computer.


  • Four different sensitivity levels are available for adjusting the action
  • Get to store over 750 voices
  • Receive 235 auto-accompaniment styles with quick sampling technology
  • One flagship model within the Yamaha PSR series


  • Get the opportunity to play most styles of music with four different touché of sensitivities
  • XG Lite Voice Library makes it perfect for covering hundreds of tones for playback and sampling


  • 48-note polyphony makes it more restrictive than 128-note polyphony with higher-end Yamaha keyboards.
  • Comes with a 61-key frame, which won’t provide as much flexibility as the 88-key or 76-key electric pianos


Best Budget Keyboard Piano: Buying Guide

There are some simple ways in which you will end up with the best budget keyboard piano. To help you make the right choice, we have crafted the right buying guide for you to address.

  • Check out the categories:

Don’t forget to check out the available categories for budget-friendly keyboard piano. You have Digital pianos, Digital keyboards, and acoustic pianos to make a choice from.

  • The number of keys:

The full-sized keyboard will have 88 keys with 3 extra notes and 7 octaves. In case you are willing to go for the ultimate piano experience, it is vital to aim for it as well. In case you are limited by size, then the next largest option remains a fine choice.

  • The key action of the piano:

This term mainly talks about the mechanism of the piano, which produces quality sound. The pianos and digital keyboards will not have the same physical parts as a real traditional one. So, manufacturers are using multiple techniques to re-create the heavier feel and touch of real piano keys. Some of the better instruments are able to do the same by replicating or introducing versions of moving parts.

  • The price point also plays a pivotal role:

Before you finalize on the best budget keyboard piano, make sure to check out the price point of the pianos as well. Even though the above-mentioned options are towards the cheaper set, some might even fall outside your budget plan. So, getting the budgets covered beforehand is a good call before purchasing the right piano.

The Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the products mentioned already, check out their pros and cons, and finalize the best budget-friendly keyboard piano. If you want, you can compare your own keyboard pianos exclusively before taking a decision.

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