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10 Best Piano Keyboard Brands

If you are a musician, you would understand the importance of a good piano keyboard. A piano is one of the integral musical instruments that evolved over ages. There is no fashion statement while selecting the best piano keyboard; you need always to prefer the features. It is always better to refer to piano brands review in order to get a clear idea of all the prospective brands in the market.

When it comes to selecting a piano brand, there are a bunch of characteristics that you need to consider. It is imperative to focus on both touch and sound of the piano. With the abundance of great brands available in the market, it might get pretty exhausting to make a decision. You cannot afford to make a wrong decision by investing in a brand that doesn’t meet your expectations.

To further ease your hassle of finding the right product, we have aligned this comprehensive guide for the best piano keyboard brands. We have created an unbiased piano brands review highlighting all the essential things you can expect from each brand.

If you are an aspiring musician or want to switch from your old piano, this guide will make your purchase journey super easy.

Top 10 Piano Keyboard Brands You Can Trust

Here is an unbiased and comprehensive piano brands review of the top 10 brands in the market.


One cannot start a piano brands review before talking about Yamaha. The brand has been dominating the industry since 1887 with its range of products. The acoustic and digital pianos from Yamaha are certainly commendable.

There are different piano keyboards that fulfill dynamic requirements. The affordable price range is popular among beginners. The Clavinova range is much of the premium keyboards that professionals prefer. You will also get a minimum of 3-5 years warranty on all the products.

When it comes to talking about the budget, you can find Yamaha pianos in the price range that fits in your pocket. Starting from as low as $400, you can get pianos to the range of $25000.

These keyboards’ major highlights are 6347 waveforms, Seamless Switching Sound technology, and a 16-track MIDI sequencer. The new TransAcoustic piano range is the recent craze that people have been inclining towards, and Yamaha is the best place to find them.


  • Wide range of products at different price range and requirements
  • A reputed position in the market making it a globally recognized brand
  • Comes with the signature Yamaha sound developed in Japan
  • Round the clock customer service


  • Boring designs in some of the products
  • Conservative while embracing new technologies


Yet another international piano keyboard brand that doesn’t need any introduction is Casio. The Japan-based conglomerate was founded back in 1946 and still holds a credible place in the global market.

The first keyboard was released in 1980, and since then, the brand has been a major manufacturer of piano keyboards. They are better known for their compact and lightweight built that makes them easy to carry and handle.

While they create budget-friendly keyboards, you will never see the quality being compromised. For instance, the Celviano from Casio directly competes with the Yamaha Clavinova. It comes with multi-speaker acoustic sound simulation and AiR Grand Sound Source.

Grand Hybrid is yet another gem that you should get hands-on. It is popular for its hybrid key action and real wood keys. Casio focuses on youngsters and beginners hence;, they are highly user-friendly. It is the best preference if you are just starting as a musician.


  • Highly affordable and budget-friendly
  • Brimmed with quality features
  • A credible brand for digital pianos
  • Major competitor to Yamaha


  • The hammer Action II feature can become a bit noisy.
  • Limited product range


Founded in the year 1972, Roland is completely into developing the musical instrument, so you can definitely expect impeccable expertise from the products. Unlike Yamaha and Casio that are focused on multiple verticals, Roland is all about music.

40 years of experience have made Roland a trusted brand for digital piano keyboards. Hence, Roland has a special place in our piano brand review. The brand has an extensive range of products that range from stage pianos to portable keyboards.

For instance, the RD stage series is the most durable and reliable option for professionals. The brand has made some groundbreaking innovations in the key actions. The PHA-4 Concert action keys have ivory stimulation that prevents finger slipping, whereas the hybrid wood keys will ensure super-soft touch.

The SuperNATURAL technology is more focused on the tone alteration that you may require for variations.

While you never have to worry about the quality, the product may be a little heavy on your pocket. The top range V-Piano from Roland can cost you somewhere around $20,000.


  • A tech-savvy brand that includes all the tech features in its keyboards
  • A trusted brand that focuses on musical instruments
  • PHA-4/PHA-50 key actions are the best in the range
  • You can access the keyboard through the Great Piano Partner app


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited product range for beginners


Yet another Japanese brand on the list of piano keyboard brands review is Kawai, established in 1927. If you want a more focused brand than Roland, you can refer to Kawai, the piano specialists.

Even though Kawai is less globally popular than Roland and Yamaha, Kawai has been able to extend its business to Russia, America, and China. The CN series is something you cannot say not to. The range has also bagged the award of “Home Digital Piano Line of The Year” in 2014 MMR Dealer’s Choice.

Kawai is undoubtedly an expensive brand, but they know how to beautifully market their brand and bring sales. They will lure professional musicians with features to die for. The stage pianos come with digital customization.

The CP series is more focused on the output without impacting the sound quality. Not to forget, the Grand Feel keys are designed in wooden and have triple sensor action. Irrespective of the product range, you will get impeccable sound and action quality.


  • Acoustic and digital pianos that are widely popular
  • Better known for realistic sound and natural key actions
  • Great Piano Partner app available for connectivity
  • Great selection of home digital pianos


  • No many synths, arrangers, and workstations
  • Not a well-known global brand


Korg is a leading electronics brand that provides a range of pianos, synthesizers, guitars, and other musical instruments. The products are majorly focused on digital technology, so you can expect all the products to be tech-innovated.

It is a globally-famous brand that is known for its studio-based workstations. Korg recently entered into the digital piano keyboards, but they have emerged as a competitive brand that can stand with Roland and Kawai.

The RH3 Hammer action key gives a cut-throat competition to Yamaha hammer action. Korg is continuously manufacturing brand new series that are catering to the diverse requirements of the customers.

You can find products in different price ranges that will suit your budget. Depending upon your preferences, you can select a piano keyboard that fits your budget. Korg is the best choice for songwriting and composing. You can avail yourself of the highest quality and styles with each of the Korg products.


  • All the products are manufactured in Japan
  • Experts in designing pro-grade synths, workstations, and keyboards
  • Focused on high-quality speakers on the system
  • Not just limited to acoustic pianos


  • Some lower range may lack features
  • Limited selection for the budding pianist


As far as the piano brands review is concerned, you can also go for Nord, a trusted brand since 1983. You have only seen Japanese companies on the list, and it is a Swedish company that is focused on expensive, professional, and high-quality piano keyboards.

The red finish on the keyboards is something that sets this brand apart from the others. It is the most recognizable stage keyboards that professionals prefer. You can also avail the graded hammer with Nord Piano 4. It is developed in-house, that’s why it houses some of the great touch features.

You will mostly witness stage models more than the ones available for beginners. So, if you are a pro-musician, only then must you prefer Nord. The brand particularly focuses on enhancing the sound quality and performance.

Nord has done an exceptional job in bagging a reputed position in the market with their stage pianos. It is a genuine competition to the heavyweights like Yamaha and Roland. You will find Nord pianos at a majority of all professionals.


  • Handmade in Sweden and designed in-house touch features
  • All the products are designed with top-notch quality materials
  • Highly specialized piano keyboards that are meant for professionals
  • RH-3 key to ensuring better touch technology


  • Bit expensive products
  • Ideal for professionals and trained pianists


Dexibell is a new name in the music industry, but this Italian company has bagged ample fame with its well-designed products. Staying true to the authenticity and realistic sounds, Dexibell’s products are worth a catch.

A surprising fact about Dexibell is that most of its designers are ex-Roland employees, and it is a great plus point for the company. Roland is popular for its unparalleled design, so you can expect some amazing designs with Dexibell as well.

Vivo stage pianos were the first range of pianos that created the buzz in the market. The secret ingredient in Dexibell products is the CORTEX-Quadcore processor. It is a similar architecture used in computers and other electronic devices.

CORTEX-Quadcore processor, when blended with sound engines, the optimized keyboards are set for the multi-thread nature. These pianos are focused on the True To Life Engine (T2L). The sound engine makes use of 24-bit sampling that creates a larger dynamic range. You can also find console-style home pianos as well.


  • Comes with CORTEX-Quadcore processor
  • True To Life engine pumps life into the keyboards
  • Best for both stage and house pianos
  • Popular for great designs


  • Not a globally reckoned brand
  • Lesser employees


Next up in the piano brands review is a brand that was once a market leader. We are talking about Kurzweil that was established in the 1980s. Kurzweil has been developing keyboards that were once a big hit in the market.

With the development of other popular brands, the prominence of Kurzweil slowly faded. However, you can completely trust the products of Kurzweil. The products are popularly known for the amazing sound they produce.

One major downside of these keyboards is the chunky and heavy keyboards that may disrupt the crisp key actions. They somewhat resemble the plastic keyboards from the bygone era. The CUP1 is one of the leading ranges that have 100w speaker output, trendy design, and plenty of customization options.

Their stage piano, Kurzweil Forte, has 16 GB of sounds and around 23 programmable controllers. The products fall into different price ranges that start from $200 and go up to $20000.


  • Classic products focused on high sound quality
  • Stage pianos are pretty commendable
  • High-quality speakers
  • Innovative designs and better customizations


  • Chunky and heavy keys
  • Currently not popular


Yet another well-established brand that is known to manufacture cutting edge piano keyboards is Alesis. The brand has been designing musical instruments for the last 30 years and has cultivated a good reputation in the market.

These days, Alesis is recognized in the market for its MIDI keyboards, drum kits, multi pads, and recording devices. If you are looking for high-quality pianos, you can definitely rely on Alesis for the best products.

The main focus of the makers is on the nuanced and realistic sound. The key action is another integral feature of the products. Being affordable is a brownie point for customers who are looking for a credible piano brand.

The Alesis Recital Pro is the most purchased product that is known for 88 fully weighted keys that provide decent tunes. Alesis is a brand that will never disappoint you with its products; you can always trust them.


  • A credible brand for years
  • Special focus on sound quality
  • Realistic key action
  • Affordable product range


  • Not meant for professionals


Some brands are successfully running in the market and dominating it; others simply don’t require your attention. Well, Artesia is somewhat between both of these categories.

Artesia is something that will not astonish you, but at the same time, it will never disappoint you. It is the best pick for those who are looking for budget piano keyboards. You can save massively by investing in Artesia.

If you are just a beginner, Artesia is the best choice for you. With its products, you can start practicing your lessons and then move onto other professional and high-grade pianos. The built-quality of Artesia is decent, and you can avail all the standard features in it.

It has digital keyboards as well that comprises everything that a beginner needs to kickstart the musical journey. You will get programming options and tuning controls.


  • A budget-friendly piano brand
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Decent built quality
  • PA tabletop series is the best


  • Key action could have been better
  • Lagging may be a serious issue

A Quick Buying Guide to Pick The Best Brand

Now that you are well-aware of the top brands of piano keyboards, it is important to learn how you can make a smart decision. There are a bunch of factors that you need to consider before making a choice. Going through the piano brands review is just not enough. You must know what features to look at in the products of a concerned brand that can be beneficial for you in every sense are. Here are the factors you must always remember to look in piano keyboard brands:

Sound Quality

This is the foremost thing you need to be considering in a piano brand. There are plenty of credible brands that claim to offer acoustic sound quality. You need to hunt for such features to ensure you are going to invest in good pianos that will bring out the best of your skills. Never compromise on the sound quality; it will not be worth it.


Also known as velocity sensitivity, it is important to check the speed or force with which you can press the keys to create sound. Today, a majority of brands have soft-touch keys like Ivory touch that brings out the best action. You need to incline towards brands that are more focused on the touch as it enhances the keyboard’s overall quality.

MIDI Compatibility

Musical Instrument Digital Interface is a protocol that enables computers and musical instruments. MIDI does not have sounds. Instead, they have blueprints that indicate the software to play certain notes and at different velocities. Most of the piano keyboards have MIDI compatibility. However, it would be better to check the feature before making a purchase.

Number of Controllers

We are living in the digital age, and digital keyboards are the best thing you can have. When you buy a digital keyboard, you need to ensure the number of controllers on the board. There are plenty of things you need to control on the keyboard. Especially when you are using MIDI, you need more sliders and knobs for better control. Look for brands that have adequate controllers that can make your music journey smoother.


One thing you must never settle for less is the warranty period. Almost every good brand comes with a warranty period. The aim is to fetch as long a warranty as you can. Some brands offer 3 years warranty, while some can give 5 years. You must go for a brand that has a higher warranty period. This way, you can cover all the manufacturing faults in the keyboards during this period. Make sure to ask for the warranty card while purchasing a product from a brand. You can also check with the dealers to get an extra warranty.


It is something that no one has to teach you to do. Checking the reputation of a brand is the first thing that any smart buyer would do. Some brands are running in the market for decades and have cultivated a staunch reputation. However, that doesn’t mean that you should not trust a new brand. You must conduct quick market research before purchasing to understand the reputation of each brand. You can also check legit piano brand review for better assistance.

Choosing a piano keyboard is not a complex decision if you know the right way to go about it. You must be well-aware of all the essential things that need to be checked before buying.

The Bottom Line

The market is wide and dynamic. Each seller will try to cajole you with their piano keyboards, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something that you don’t like.

You cannot simply compromise on your piano keyboard as it is the most important musical instrument. There are a bunch of credible piano keyboard brands that are offering incredible products that meet different budget ranges and expectations.

All you need to do is pay heed to reliable piano brands review, like this one. We have tried to compile all the amazing brands in the market that are currently becoming ragingly popular.

In the end, it is your decision to select a piano that matches your expertise, durability, and reliability. Each piano brand has something unique to offer, and you need to understand whether it is meant for you.

A great brand will always focus on technology and durability. Whether it is the acoustic sound or build quality, each and every feature makes a great deal.

This piano brands review was meant to enlighten you on the available options. Weight each brand against their features and make a well-informed decision. It is over to you now.

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