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Best Headphones for Digital Piano in 2021: Top 10 Headphones Reviewed

So, you are a piano player. We understand how difficult it is to concentrate on your lessons or music-making sessions when your surroundings are too crowded and noise-inducing.

For a professional piano player, headphones are a must.

The best headphones for digital piano enhance the sound and bass and allow you to focus on the tunes to make the music more natural and dynamic.

Using the right headphones for your piano sessions will give you certain benefits you previously haven’t considered.

Apart from allowing you to practice without interruptions, you will be able to hear the piano’s sound with unmatched clarity.

All the modern digital pianos are equipped with headphone jacks or are Bluetooth enabled. This is an essential feature that your traditional pianos don’t offer.

However, since there are a lot of headphone models available for digital pianos, it can be overwhelming for both beginner and experienced pianists to get the right pick.

Based on your expertise and skills, you should choose your headphones.

To make it easy for you, we have prepared a list of the 10 best headphones for digital piano and keyboard.

We have reviewed each headphone model with its features, pros, and cons. This should help you find the right headphones.

However, if you just want to jump straight to the chase and get our recommendation on the best overall headphones, here it is:

Our pick Roland RH-A7-BK Open-Air Digital Piano Headphones

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Best Headphones for Digital Piano


Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

We would love to start this list with Tascam TH-02 studio headphones. This is a budget-friendly model and one of the best headphones for digital piano because it offers an optimal voice frequency and a well-balanced sound quality.




The primary reason why most beginners and those who love to play piano on the go like Tascam headphones is its foldable design. These headphones are incredibly portable.

Based on the frequency that suits your digital piano, the headphones produce a clear, noise-free sound. It is a highly sensitive headphone that you can use not only with your digital piano but with other instruments as well.

Thanks to its tightly-stitched, padded headband and ear pads, you can wear it for hours while playing your instrument.

Also, the closed-back dynamic design of the TH-02 produces a rich bass experience with clean sound and crisp highs, meaning you will have a top-quality practice session or a live event.


  • Cable length of about 10-feet gives ease of use
  • Closed-back dynamic design produces clean sound and a rich bass experience
  • Padded headband and tightly stitched ear pads provide utmost comfort
  • The foldable design is compact and stylish
  • It offers a balanced sound, which makes it suitable for multiple instruments


  • The folding mechanism is a little fragile
  • No built-in microphone


Sony MDR ZX Series Studio Headphones

If you are looking for something premium but inexpensive, Sony gives you the option with its ZX series stereo headphones.




If you are looking for something premium but inexpensive, Sony gives you the option with its ZX series stereo headphones.

It is a wired headphone that is perfect for piano and studio use, maximizing your personal audio experience. Sony has built it with performance and comfort in mind.

It has been installed with 30 mm driver units that deliver a full and balanced sound experience from 12 to 22,000 Hz.

Unlike the majority of digital piano headphones, Sony MDR has an on-ear design that gives you optimal noise-cancellation.

So, whether you are at the studio or at home practicing or pursuing your hobby, these headphones from Sony will provide you with a one-of-a-kind listening experience.

Our favorite aspect of this headphone is its swivel folding design that makes it compact for portability while giving it a premium look.

Simply put, the folding earpads enable you to enjoy your piano sessions in many ways. The 1.2m y-type cable resists tangles and snags, preventing any mishap.

Also, Sony has made the MDR ZX Series available in three different color variants – black, white, and pink.


  • The headphone is lightweight and comfortable on the ear
  • Offers full frequency response up to 22,000 Hz
  • On-ear design ensures optimal performance
  • Swivel and folding design gives you freedom of storage and portability
  • Microphone variant also available


  • The sound is not as good as other Sony models
  • No in-line volume control


Sopownic Studio Headphones

For a pianist who has a thing for professional DJing and studio work, this is a perfect pair of headphones that will cater to your recording needs.


This is an ideal headphone for digital piano and other musical instruments like an electric guitar, drums, and more.

It comes with an extra-large 6.6-ft CLR cable with a 2-in-1 plug for a high-quality connection for both live sound and studio recording.

The 2-in-1 easy-to-switch plug has 3.5mm inside and 6.5mm outside.

Its earmuffs are another talking point made from protein leather and foam, offering superior comfort when playing for prolonged hours.

These headphones are equipped with HiFi sound system and neodymium magnets for a deeper bass response with broader range and higher accuracy. This feature makes it perfect for DJing.

The earcups are rotatable up to 90°, making it convenient to carry it anywhere.


  • Neodymium magnets provide powerful HiFi crystal stereo sound
  • Detachable 2-in-1 plug for different mixers and audio devices, including smartphones
  • Superior comfort with breathable sponges and soft leathers
  • Durable and strong spring cable can be expanded up to 3 meters
  • Lightweight and portable design is perfect for DJ monitoring use


  • No noise-cancellation circuit inside the headphone
  • Muddy audio volume control


Yamaha HPH-50B Closed-Back Headphones

The next on our list is a popular headphone for digital piano from Yamaha.



The HPH-50B is a compact closed-back headphone for digital keyboards that packs some great features and functionalities.

To start with, it has a closed-back design that allows you to enjoy the professional-grade sound quality.

Carefully balanced treble and bass are intensely satisfying, whether you are performing on a piano or playing back a recorded media.

Yamaha has equipped the headphone with a 2-meter cable for a hassle-free connection to your piano.

It also features a detachable standard stereo plug that you can connect to numerous other musical instruments like electric guitar and drums.

The headphone has an authentic foldable design and a swivel mechanism that can turn up to 90° to fit the angle of your ears.

All in all, you get a stress-free listening experience.


  • Offers comfortable listening for prolonged hours
  • 2-meter cable for easy and convenient connection
  • The headphone comes in two color variants – black and white
  • It has a compact yet fashionable design
  • 90° swivel snuggles your ear


  • Only works best with Yamaha pianos
  • The ear pieces are small


Yamaha HPH-100B Dynamic Closed-Back Headphones

This is an upgraded version of the previously discussed HPH-50B.





The new Yamaha HPH-100B has a powerful sound system with a rich tone color. It is an ideal headphone for your digital piano, whether you are a professional or a hobbyist who just plays for fun.

Yamaha has included a swivel mechanism in the headphone that allows the ear pieces to rotate at 90°, ensuring that it perfectly fits your ear.

What we like is that this headphone is available in two different variants – black and white. You can choose one that suits your instrument.

There is a 2-meter long cable for making a hassle-free connection. That means you can wear it conveniently while doing other things like recording, playing music, etc. You can expect it to deliver high-quality, dynamic audio with a rich tone.


  • Boast a compact and fashionable design that suits most digital pianos
  • The ear pieces are padded for comfortable listening and use for extended periods
  • Produces high-quality, dynamic sound
  • 2-meter cable wire for hassle-free usage
  • 90° swivel mechanism allows for proper fit


  • A little expensive for the features offered
  • The plastic body feels cheap


COWIN E7 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Piano

For those who don’t want the hassle of wires and tangles, COWIN has introduced the truly wireless E7 noise-canceling headphones for your digital piano.



If you own a digital piano that supports wireless connectivity, this is the best option you have got.

Whether you are in the studio or at home, the active noise-canceling technology used in this headphone will quell the surrounding noise and let you enjoy your music.

The headphones have large-aperture drivers that ensure an accurate, deep bass response.

It gives you a crisp and powerful sound experience, whether you are making your own music or listening to a recorded one.

There is a built-in high-quality microphone for you to record the music while playing the piano.

Thanks to the NFC technology used, it ensures a stable, quick, and prompt connection with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The earpads are made from protein leather, and the earcups swivel at 90°. This makes sure that the headphones sit snuggly on your years without causing any discomfort.

Once fully charged, the Cowin E7’s can go on for a maximum of 30 hours.


  • Truly wireless with NFC pairing to give you a tangle-free experience
  • Large aperture drivers deliver deep, accurate bass response
  • High-quality built-in microphone
  • 90° swiveling earcups for comfort
  • Impressive battery life with 30 hours of play time


  • Not suitable for pianos without wireless connectivity
  • It is slightly expensive


Roland RH-5 Electronic Instrument Headphones

Whether you play electric guitar, digital piano, or drums, Roland’s high-quality headphone is perfect for any digital instrument.




The RH-5 headphones are competitively priced and are an excellent choice for musicians whose music-making spans from playing a range of instruments to DAW production.

The 40mm drivers deliver a balanced and dynamic tone from guitars, pianos, digital drums, synths, and more. Complete crystal clear highs and powerful bass, you can use this headphone for streaming music and audio that you have created.

Whatever you play, the headphones will ensure that you get the best experience.

Roland has given RH-5 a closed-back design for focused and comfortable listening.

It comes with a 3-meter cord that is long enough to not come in your way.

The best part is that the headphone only weighs 190 grams, which is incredibly lightweight.

You will not feel discomfort or fatigue even after long hours of studio sessions.

The manufacturer has included a conversion plug to accommodate mini and standard headphone connectors.


  • 40mm high-performance drivers deliver dynamic sound
  • It can be used for a range of musical instruments and provides a balanced response
  • Lightweight design makes it ideal for prolonged music-making sessions
  • Conversion plug supports both mini and standard headphone connectors
  • 3-meter cord easily lets you move between different instruments


  • The cable quality is poor
  • The earcups’ material is cheap


Roland RH-A7-BK Open-Air Digital Piano Headphones

If you are a professional pianist or musician and looking for high-grade headphones, then RH-A7-BK Open-Air headphones from Roland are worth a shot.




This is an ideal headphone for modern digital musical instruments, including the Roland piano range.

These premium headphones can match the studio level and the depth of music you are working on.

To start with, the RH-A7-BK has an open-air design that delivers nuanced and natural sound.

With its 40mm drivers, you can ensure that you get the best sound quality.

One of the perks of open-air design is that you can listen to others on what they are instructing when playing the digital piano.

What we love the most about RH-A7-BK is its lightweight construction and secure-fit, breathable design.

This provides you superior comfort during extended playing and recording sessions and ensures you make the most out of the session.

The manufacturer has included soft suede-finish earpads that are comfortable and gives a luxurious feel.


  • Professional-grade digital piano headphones
  • Open-air design produces natural and more nuanced sound
  • 40mm drivers deliver dynamic sound quality for prolonged hours
  • Can be paired with all modern digital musical instruments
  • The earcups are breathable, and the construction is lightweight


  • Highly expensive
  • Ideal for professional use only


AKG K 240 MK II Studio Headphones

This is a premium headphone set for digital piano players.



We do not recommend it for beginners as well as hobbyists because it is way too expensive, and its features can be a little overwhelming for beginners and novice players. This is probably the most expensive product on this list as well.

To start with, AKG K 240 MK II has an over-ear design that is ideal for music composers and pianists who spend hours in their studios perfecting the music.

It also boasts semi-open technology that delivers airy highs and solid bass.

These are technology features that most beginners and hobbyists fail to understand, and thus, they don’t make the most out of the headphone.

AKG has also incorporated a 30mm XXL patented Varimotion transducer for excellent dynamic range and accurate signal transfer.

This feature is a choice of professionals across the world stage and studio standard.

Also, there is a self-adjusting headband that conforms to your head size and shape for optimum fit.


  • Professional studio headphones with an over-ear and semi-open design
  • Patented Varimotion diaphragms produce a wide dynamic range
  • The headphones are extremely durable and comfortable
  • It also features a professional XLR connector for connecting instruments
  • Powerful yet comfortable headphones for production environments


  • a bit pricey for the beginner
  • No noise-canceling feature


Panasonic Over Ear Digital Piano Headphones

The last on our list of the best headphones for digital piano is the product from Panasonic.



What’s unique about this headphone is that it comes with an integrated volume control feature that lets you adjust the volume while playing the piano or during music streaming from an audio device.

The headphones combine supreme comfort with high-quality sound to offer a superior music-making experience.

There are 28mm drivers installed coupled with the neodymium magnets that deliver crisp highs and precise mids.

On top of that, the XBS port ensures robust bass while streaming music.

While it looks bulky, the headphone is incredibly lightweight. The sturdy construction combined with soft, padded earcups keeps your head and ears comfortable during prolonged hours of music streaming and recording.

There is a 6.6-feet long cord that gives your flexibility in the studio to reach out to different musical instruments and computers while plugged in.


  • Its foldable design allows for easy and hassle-free storage
  • Flip-away earcup design for single-side monitoring
  • In-cord volume control functionality lets you control the volume with ease
  • It is integrated with an XBS port for increased bass response
  • Neodymium magnets with 28mm drivers deliver a clear and natural sound experience


  • The noise-canceling feature is not up to the mark
  • Not big enough to actually fit over the ear as claimed


How to Choose the Best Headphones for your Digital Piano?

The right pair of headphones will make sure that you clearly hear the slightest details and nuances of your performance while playing the piano.

Each model has its own unique features and attributes. So, it is up to the user what they are looking for in a headphone for a digital piano.

Based on our research and expertise, we have created a buying guide that will give you an idea of things to consider when looking for the best headphones for digital piano.

Sound Quality and Comfort:

First and foremost, these are the two primary aspects that should be looked for when shopping. Choose a headphone that delivers a natural, well-balanced audio with robust bass and stable frequency response.

Avoid headphones that produce too much bass as it can compromise the quality of piano sound.

When we talk about comfort, if you are a piano lover and play it for prolonged hours, you would want a breathable and soft headphone so that you won’t feel any fatigue or pain. Focus on the materials the headphone is made of. Read the descriptions and product reviews of customers who have bought the product and see if there are any mentions of elements like sound leakage, isolation, soundstage, and so on.

Headphone Type:

The next most important factor to consider is the headphone look and type. There are so many different types of headphones available for digital pianos, like on-ear headphones, over-ear headphones, and earbuds.

We recommend you to try over-ear headphones because they are ideal for piano and keyboard use.

There are two types of over-ear headphones:

  • Closed-back over-ear headphones
  • Open-back over-ear headphones

We have included both types in our review above. You can look into it for more detailed information.

Now, when we talk about closed-back headphones, they are highly popular among pianists. They contain a solid outer shell that doesn’t allow air to pass through the earcups. The primary reason why professionals prefer closed-back over-ear headphones is good noise cancellation. It can block a tremendous amount of outside noise so that you can focus on your piano sound. The best part is that closed-back headphones prevent the sound from escaping or leaking, ensuring the people around you are not bothered or disturbed while you are jamming. But it has its drawbacks as well. The most prominent one is that your ears will become sweaty and hot only after a couple of hours of play.

Open-back over-ear headphones, on the other hand, is preferred by beginners and hobbyists who don’t engage in professional work and just play for fun. The primary disadvantage of open-back headphones is the lack of isolation. However, these headphones deliver a wider soundstage and produce more natural sound. Also, it has a great instrument separation along with accuracy and clarity of sound. If you are into classical and instrumental music, you should go with this digital piano headphone type.


We hope that you find this review cum buying guide informative. This is more of a personal review where we have checked and tested each of the products mentioned before writing about it. But we encourage you to do your own research so that you can understand that every headphone has its advantages and disadvantages. Overall, the products reviewed in this post can be considered as the best headphones for digital piano. You can do your separate research on these products.

Finally, if you have any questions or queries regarding the best headphones or any concerns regarding the products discussed, feel free to ask.

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