My Review of the Recent Pearl Jam Gig in Milton Keynes UK

I was lucky enough to be in the UK last month, and whilst I was there got to go and see the fantastic Pearl Jam!  The gig was at the Milton Keynes Bowl which is basically a large whole in the ground with thousands of people in it, massive stage, and great atmosphere.  I missed the support act due to traffic and got there with about 10 minutes to spare.

Highlights for me including Eddie Vedder’s anti-war rant, Pearl’s Jam’s cover version of the Mother Love Bone classic: Chloe Dancer.  I’ve put a video below of a few highlights so you can get a taste for how the gig was.

All I can say is despite their advancing years and Eddie looking like he’s turning into Bruce Springsteen, they definitely know how to put on a show – can’t wait to catch up with them now on their forthcoming US tour.

Is the Original Guns n Roses Line-Up Set to Play Again?

As I kid, one of my favourite bands in the whole wide World was the quite simply amazing Guns n Roses.  I had the posters covering my wall, went to countless gigs around the country, and followed everything that they did… in fact one of my best teenage memories is seeing them perform on the Use Your Illusion tour when Izzy Stradlin came out of retirement to join up with his ex-band members as a fill in.  (I’ve put a video below from this tour to stir the memories).

The last decade (and more) has seen Slash off doing his own thing as a solo artist with support from Miles Kennedy, then of course there was the excellent Velvet Revolver band with some of the old GnR members in it… and of course we’ve seen Axl off continuing under the GnR banner with various and varied line-ups… none of which I have ever been impressed with.

So it comes as excellent news to read recently that the original line-up could be on the brink of re-forming for some gigs according to the Rolling Stone magazine that said Duff was going to playing bass on some forthcoming gigs.

Could this mean our dreams might come true?

Could this mean our dreams might come true?

For me this is a great step in the right direction and could herald a full re-union in the near future.  Additional news reports over the last 12 months have hinted that there have been a thawing in the relationships between Axl versus Slash, Duff, and Sorum – so who knows?   Put it this way… if it happens I am going to be there.  When those guys are on stage together it is nothing short of electric as this video from the Use Your Illusion Tour in the early 1990s shows below.

This video is the full length version of the band playing a Tokyo leg of the Tour in 1992.  Happy memories because I was actually there as had made the journey all the way over to Japan just to catch this part of the tour.  As I said – I was quite the superfan!

So, all we can do now is hope that this really does become reality… I for one am going to be right back at the front partying like it’s 1992 all over again! Do it Axl!